One Love


The sound of his album debut, One Love, conveys a sound relative to rap and hip hop's status quo while at the same time distinguishing itself. Vocally, this is achieved through honest lyrical content and clever delivery.

From the opening words of "Dreamin," the albums first single, one can hear the optimistic message that this song delivers. "Its about realising your living your dreams right now. Its all about the journey rather than the destination so to speak." The Nostalgic sound of the synth, tight rhythmic drums, and in the pocket delivery make Dreamin the kind of hip hop track you can kick back to on a Sunday afternoon. Sirgin notes, "The vibe I wanted to create was a chilled out but upbeat atmosphere. That's the kind of place I love to be"

Love, is the emotion the album has been built around. Sirgin explains, "I came up with the name One Love for the album after realizing that most of the songs I had put together, spoke of a time in my life where love had been the only thing that kept me alive. I decided I would dedicate this album to that. One Love is 13 tracks of hip hop and R&B that's real life & straight from the heart. " Sirgin doesn't just drop verses or sing on the songs. He takes you on a journey, re-living the moments of starting again from rock bottom, finding a purpose in life, and letting the good times roll.

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